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Within the Norwegian cabinet, the responsibility for development policy lies with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Norad, a directorate under the MFA, is the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation.

The Norway Government takes an integrated approach to Norway’s foreign and development policy. Priority is given to education, humanitarian assistance, health and vaccination, private sector development, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and human rights.

Since 2013, the successive governments of Prime Minister Erna Solberg have placed a focus on education, and particularly on girls’ education. Between 2013 and 2017, funding to the sector doubled, going from NOK1.7 billion (US$206 million) to NOK3.4 billion (US$411 million).

The government plans on continuing to increase its funding to the sector, with spending levels at NOK3.8 million in the 2019 budget (US$460 million).

About a quarter of Norway’s aid to basic education goes to the least-developed countries of sub-Saharan Africa.

In 2017, the top recipients of basic education ODA disbursement were: Ethiopia, South Sudan, Malawi, Nigeria, Madagascar.

Nikolai Astrup, Minister of Digitalization, Norway (former Minister of Development). Photo credit: GPE/Heather Shuker
The government of Norway will continue to increase its contribution to GPE... Norway is committed to ramp up support to countries wanting to broaden and deepen their tax base in a fair, predictable and sustainable manner.
Nikolai Astrup
Minister of Digitalization, Norway (former Minister of Development)
February 2018

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Last updated August 06, 2021