View Sweden’s priority areas for development cooperation in education along with its contributions to the GPE Fund.

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Aid to education

In Sweden, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) are responsible for managing international development cooperation.

Sweden supports GPE priority areas of:

  • Girls’ education
  • Countries affected by fragility and conflict
  • Inclusive education

In 2017, the top recipients of basic education ODA disbursement were: Afghanistan, Liberia, Syrian Arab Republic, Tanzania, Jordan.

*Pledge for 2021-2024.

Anna Ekstrom, Minister for Education, Sweden" title="Anna Ekstrom, Minister for Education, Sweden
Sweden attaches great importance to education as a foundation for democracy, equality, equity and sustainable development. GPE is a key partner in the implementation of our global strategy for education.
Anna Ekström
Minister for Education, Sweden
June 2019

Sweden and GPE

Sweden sits on the Finance and Risk Committee.

Last updated August 06, 2021