Quality teaching

Teachers form the backbone of education systems. GPE helps partner countries improve the quality of education by empowering teachers, and ensuring they are qualified, motivated and well supported.

Teachers play a critical role in improving learning. Beyond any other school-based factor, teacher effectiveness is the most important predictor of student learning.

But the world faces a shortage of teachers. According to UNESCO, nearly 70 million school teachers are required to provide every child with primary and secondary education by 2030.

In addition, a large number of teachers don’t have the required knowledge or pedagogical skills to teach effectively, which ultimately affects children’s learning.

GPE 2025 identifies quality teaching as a priority area and aims to invest in quality teachers and teaching in all partner countries.

GPE works with partner countries to ensure that every classroom has a qualified, motivated and well supported teacher who can unleash children’s learning potential.

Our results

67 million
more children
have access to quality teachers since 2002
of partner countries
had fewer than 40 students per trained teacher in 2020 compared to 25% in 2015
of GPE implementation grants
included support to teacher development in 2020, totaling US$172 million
1.6 million teachers
were trained
under GPE grants between FY16 and FY20


GPE in action

GPE supports quality teaching through the following interventions:

Funding: For effective teaching to happen, teachers must have the right knowledge and skills as well as professional development opportunities. In 2020, 95% of GPE grants supported teacher development, including teacher training, management, recruitment and incentives, as well as development of teacher management information systems.

Better sector planning and data: GPE helps partner countries identify challenges related to teachers and teaching, adopt clear goals and targets to address them, and establish appropriate budgets, action plans and monitoring systems to operationalize strategies.

Empowering teachers: Given teachers’ ability to understand the local needs and context, they should actively participate in policy dialogue. GPE supports the engagement of teachers and their associations in sector planning and monitoring and encourages the inclusion of teacher organizations in local education groups.

Learn more about the role of teachers in the partnership

Leveraging the results-based portion of its grants to focus on innovative ways to support teachers and ensure more effective teaching and learning.

Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX): KIX investments provide opportunities for capacity development, research and innovative practices to help countries improve both the quality of teaching and the effectiveness of teachers. The KIX regional hubs encourage countries to learn from their peers on innovative approaches that have improved teaching standards and children’s learning. KIX support includes three global grants focused on teacher professional development as well as regional investments and exchange.

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